5 Unique Birthday Concepts

As long as you use your creative juices, you’ll think of a unique birthday concept. But if you run out of ideas, this article will help you a lot. Read the following suggestions to have a unique natal day.

  1. Apple Hunt.
    If you dare to be different, why not spend your birthday in the middle of the apple field? Have a good time with your friends as you take apples from the trees. This will surely make your birthday healthy and fun-filled.
  2. Teddy Bear.
    You can also fill your birthday with lots of teddy bears. Now, if you can’t find the perfect supplier of this furry stuff, you can check online for direct orders.
  3. Firefighter Aid.
    Some fire stations offer a free venue for special occasions like birthday. Spending your birthday with the firefighters will surely be a unique experience. Imagine you’ll have fire extinguishers, spine boards, and trucks in your background!
  4. Adven-Tour.
    If the birthday celebrator is a kid, bringing him or her to a factory is a great idea. Think of the stuff that children usually use, such as crayons, action figures, and lollipops.  Bring the children to these factory sites, and they will surely have a fun and adventure-filled birthday.
  5. Bowling Feel.
    You can also use your usual bowling alley as the birthday venue. You just have to clad the bowling field with reds and balloons, and you are all set to cherish a happy birthday.

3 Best Birthday Gifts for Kids

  • Organic Crayon.
    Kids always love to play with colors; hence, one of the best presents would be crayons. Organic crayons are made from soybeans and 100% safe.
  • Wooden Car Set.
    You can also give wooden cars to the celebrators. Since these toys are made from wood, there’s no issue on harmful chemical content.
  • Mustache Patch.
    This gift will develop the acting skill of the kids. They would just install the fake mustache, and they can act a totally different person.

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